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1953 Thompson 14' High Speed Fish Boat

One of the Best Starter Boats for Kids and Fishing

Photo of Lil Ms. Fishy in Wolfeboro

Lil Ms. Fishy Photo arriving home
There I was at the 2006 Antique Boat Auction at the NH Boat Museum ... I saw this boat during the preview in the morning. It looked like my grandfather's in that it had the same general hull shape, but it wasn't the same model as his old boat. I was thinking that it was really nice, but most likely it was going to go for money way out of my price range. Because of that, I didn't really look it over very good. Then it came up to the auction block, nobody was bidding, nobody was bidding, and nobody was bidding. Then the opening bid dropped so low that I couldn't stay out of it. Next thing I knew I had won it. That was great, what a buy!!! Oh, NO!!! I had to go home and tell my wife I had yet another boat. That was the longest drive I had in quite a while.

Photo At Her First Boat Show
I sold my wife on the idea of keeping it only by having that boat be our daughter's boat. It would make an excellent boat for her to learn boat handling skills. I started thinking, I didn't need to register it if I left the motor off the boat and went for a row in the river to water test it. That was amazing, it didn't leak a drop! When I got home, I thought I should check out the motor just to see what condition it was in. Everything seemed good, so I put it on an engine stand and tried to start it. It started on the third pull! I couldn't ask for anything better, this was the best running engine I've ever owned! We named the boat Lil Ms. Fishy and it's been with us since.

Pepere's Thompson, the early days

Wanted in ANY condition!

Don't forget, if you should ever find a late 40's to early 50's Thompson 16' TVT Deluxe cedar strip boat like the one in the picture on the left or in the background photo, please contact me! I would love to find this boat or another one like it. Condition doesn't matter, I would happily restore it.

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